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Bob Tymczyszyn of St.Catharines Standard

WineAlign ratings and reviews:

  • 2016 National Wine Awards of Canada Reviews :

 2013 Civility Chardonnay (View Here)

 2013 Tenacity Chardonnay Unfiltered (View Here)

 2012 Civility Chardonnay (View Here)

Good Food Revolution

  • Zoltan Szabo's Notes from : 16 Mile Cellar 2011 Civility Chardonnay Video (View Here)

Michael Godel's Blog - A Wine Processor

  • March 2016 Article: "Where does the taste of Ontario go from here?" - 16 Mile Cellar "Tenacity' Chardonnay Unfiltered 2013 (View Here)

Michael Pinkus

  • Report From: 16 Mile Cellar Winemaker's Dinner (View Here)

  • Picks of the Bunch: New and Noteworthy Wines 2011 Rebel Pinot Noir (View Here)

  • Picks of the Bunch: New and Noteworthy Wines 2012 Rebel Chardonnay (View Here) 

  • Picks of the Bunch: New and Noteworthy Wines 2012 Civility Chardonnay (View Here)

  • Grape Guy's Rose Week: 16 Mile Cellar 2013 Renegade Rosé (View Here)

  • Ontario Wine Review Video #133: 16 Mile Cellar Civility Chardonnays (View Here)

  • Pick of the Bunch: New and Noteworthy Wines 2013 Rebel Chardonnay (View Here)

  • Pick of the Bunch: New and Noteworthy Wines 2013 Civility Chardonnay (View Here)

  • Natalie MacLean Wine Reviews & Ratings

  • 16 Mile Cellar Rebel Pinot Noir 2011 Wine Review (View Here)

  • 16 Mile Cellar Rebel Chardonnay 2013 Wine Review (View Here)


  • Summer 2016: "A Virtual Tour of Some of Niagara's Best Wineries - And what to buy at the LCBO if you can't get out of the city ": 2011 Rebel Pinot Noir (View Here)

Tony Aspler

  • Wines of the Week for February 16th, 2017: 16 Mile Cellar Rebel Chardonnay 2012 (Niagara Peninsula) (View Here)

  • Tony's Blog - A Wine Lover's Diary, Part 555: LG Awards (August 4, 2015): Thursday, July 30th Wine Reviews (View Here)

Vines Magazine/InterVin International Wine Awards

  •  Article: "Natural Instinct" on 2013 Tenacity Chardonnay  (View Here)

  • Christopher Waters reviews  2012 Rebel Pinot Noir & 2012 Incivility Pinot Noir (View Here)

  • Christopher Waters reviews wine that made the InterVin 2015 Honours (View Here)

Vintage Wine Picks & Reviews

  • Jason Solanki - 16 Mile Chardonnay Niagara: Wine Reviews (View Here)

Wine Review with Andre Proulx

  • 16 Mile - 2013 Tenacity Chardonnay Unfiltered... but wait there's more! (View Here)

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